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Technology for every surface. We are the specialists.

An ideal surface results from a number of interacting factors. We know this and so do our customers, which is why we have built our successful corporate philosophy on an integrated approach. In other words, we combine traditional knowledge, skills, and experience with cutting-edge technology and an uncompromising, customer-driven focus.


Supfina Grieshaber has dedicated considerable resources to research and has many decades of superfinishing experience using stones and tapes. By applying this expertise in perfecting upstream and downstream processes, we can provide versatile machines that exceed our customers’ expectations. Our renowned superfinishing applications for a wide array of fields—such as automotive, OEM, anti-friction bearings, precision engineering, and medical technology—are supplemented by economical machining systems for precision abrasive finishing and tape-grinding operations.

For every surface that must be finished to near perfection, we have the best professional solution. What’s more, our flexible machine concept allows you to change workpieces or modify surface requirements quickly and easily, exactly meeting your production demands. Thus, you can respond rapidly to your customers’ changing needs and consolidate your market position. All of this is backed by our premium after-sales service to ensure that you can always rely on the machines that we customize for you.  


When it comes to economical machining solutions that meet your highest standards, Supfina Grieshaber is your reliable worldwide partner—today and for years to come.  


Let us solve your machining task.


Quickly – economically – flexibly.


Karl-Heinz Richber
Managing Director
Supfina Grieshaber, Germany
 Oliver Hildebrandt
Managing Director
Supfina Grieshaber, Germany
 Andy Corsini
Managing Director
Supfina Machine Co., USA 

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