Supfina CenFlex 1: the flexible tape finishing machine for automotive applications

Technical specifications

Workpiece (shaft) length:
400 – 1000 mm

Stroke (for crankshafts):
max. 100 mm
optional max. 120 mm

Superfinishing tape arms:
max. 15


Mr. James Lospaluto
Mr. James Lospaluto

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Range of application

Whether for limited prototype production or for a full-scale run of workpieces, the Supfina CenFlex 1 is your highly reliable, economical, and efficient answer.

Depending on the application, setup can be either a single- or multi-step machining of the workpiece. As proof of its flexibility, the CenFlex 1 can finish just about any part — whether a crankshaft, a camshaft, or a gear shaft.


Ergonomics: Your User Comfort

  • Outstanding accessibility so that the operator can easily reach the work area.

  • Everything — from electrical components to hydraulic and pneumatic valves — is visible and thus easily accessible.

Economic Efficiency: Your Advantage

  • Separate, optional control circuits for each tape-arm group’s hydraulic pressure.

  • Individually adjustable tape feed through each superfinishing arm.

  • Easy and quick workpiece changeover using automatic tape-arm adjustment along with quick-change shoes.

  • Long-lasting machine shoes and interchangeable parts using abrasion-preventing coatings.

  • Integrated tape-cutting and disposal system for uninterrupted production.

High Flexibility Advantages:

  • Superfinishing tape arms automatically adjust to the workpiece, thus lowering costs.

  • Supfina Quick-Change System allows easy, quick changing of shoes.

  • Both “hard” and “soft” shoes can be used.

  • Up to 15 superfinishing tape arms can be used in either a block or a step-by-step machining process (per CNC Program)

  • One machine can finish different shafts (for example, camshafts and crankshafts).

  • Tape arms can be selected individually should a workpiece need refinishing.

  • Manual gantry or swiveling pallet ¬system can be used to load/unload.

Machining Options:

  • Main bearings, pin bearings, post ends, oil seals, thrust walls, radii, cam lobes

Special Processes:

  • Machining of oil seal seats with ­circumferential lines

  • Removal of chatter marks and waviness

  • Removal of ferrite caps of cast-iron workpieces

  • Deburring of cam lobes and flange drillings

  • Rounding of oil holes