Machining of ball bearing and roller bearing inner and outer rings

Technical specifications

Workpiece diameter:
Type A: 50 – 320 mm
Type B: 100 – 650 mm
Type C: 600 –1200 mm
Type D: 800 –1600 mm

Workpiece width:
Type A: 8 – 100 mm
Type B: 20 – 200 mm
Type C: 50 – 400 mm
Type D: 100 – 450 mm


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Mr. Christian Wußler

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Range of application

The Supfina RaceFlex 725-727 is designed to achieve consistent top quality and highest flexibility in Superfinishing Aeroengine bearings, prototypes or other small production batches. Unmatched versatility is based on the combination of up to four different Superfinishing units in one machine.

The powerful rotary and linear ­oscillator systems for the raceway finishing operation can be complemented with tape finishing units for outer diameters and flanges as well as cup wheel spindles for lip and thrust face operations.

Clamping and centering systems as well as the workpiece drive are just as flexible.

Supfina relies on state-of-the-art modules that have been optimized over decades and that can be adjusted to a new workpiece quickly while requiring only a minimum of type dependent tooling. Due to the intelligent design, set-up times of less than 20 minutes are achieved, supported by NC controlled adjusting axes.


NC-controlled rotary and linear oscillator Superfinishing units

  • Highest possible flexibility to machine any given raceway geometry

  • Reproducible top quality also in small batch production

Stone indexing device for two- or three-step process

  • Generation of optimized bearing surface quality

  • Extended tool live

Machine can be upgraded with one or two auxiliary Superfinishing units

  • Tape unit for OR outer diameter

  • Tape unit for tapered roller bearing IR lip

  • Cup wheel unit for cylindrical roller bearing flange

  • Cup wheel unit for spherical roller thrust bearing flange

Flexible, infinitely adjustable centering systems

  • Fast setting process

  • Range tooling with only few exchange parts

Large working range and versatility for different workpiece types

  • Suitability for small and medium size batches

  • Built-in capability to cope with future changes in your product range