Double-Disk Grinding

Technical specifications

Max. part height:
Planet V4: 40 mm
Planet V7:100 mm

Max. diameter:
Planet V4: 85 mm
Planet V7: 180 mm


Mr. Achim Fehrenbacher
Mr. Achim Fehrenbacher

Product Management Precision Abrasive Finishing

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Mr. James Lospaluto
Mr. James Lospaluto

Sales USA

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Range of application

With the development of the new and powerful Planet V line Supfina advances into a new dimension of Double-Disk Grinding.

The extremely rigid and compact overall machine concept with vertical spindle arrangement was developed together with our customers. For the end user, it offers an excellent finished part with cost-effective production.

Down time is reduced to a minimum thanks to unique equipment features such as the patented tilting navigation and the integrated tool change device. With the Planet V's floor space saving self-contained design (machine can be transported in one piece), the machine can easily be integrated into new or existing manufacturing lines. Loading and unloading can be manual or automatic.

Depending on the part requirements, different tools (conventional/CBN) and methods (through-feed/plunge-cut) can be used. All dressing technologies are of course available.


Our development - your benefit

  • FEM-optimized machine base made from composite material
  • Compact system with outstanding machine rigidity
  • Patented tilting navigation
  • Visualization of the grinding process
  • Linear, compact dressing system
  • Maximum dressing precision
  • Possibility to change over to CBN and diamond tool technology
  • Motorized spindles
  • High performance and variable speeds
  • Optional use of CBN and diamond grinding wheels
  • Long tool life
  • Safe investment due to best in class versatility

Optimum ergonomics - comfortable operation

  • Modern, compact design
  • Excellent accessibility
  • Low space requirement
  • Large sliding door
  • Easy to service
  • Machine can be transported as one piece

Cost-effectiveness - your advantage

  • Future-oriented machine concept
  • Short tool change times due to integrated tool change mechanism
  • Short change-over times
  • Very easy to operate
  • Easy integration into existing and new manufacturing lines
  • Flexible automation capability
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Excellent finished part quality