Versatile production machine for small runs

Technical specifications

Floor space required in mm:
2684x1788 including coolant filtration trolley

Paint finish:
black/gray with red stripe

Distance between centers in mm:
40 – 800

Center height in mm:
1110 from floor level
260 from machine table

Electric power supply:
400 volts / 50 Hz with neutral lead

Compressed air supply
4.5 – 6.0 bar

manually, by hand

Siemens CPU-315-F with KP700 Comfort Panel

Superfinishing tools:
Superfinishing tape or stone, cup wheel, brushing and polishing disk

Coolant rinse:
Emulsion, oil, or dry


  • Machine with partial housing
  • Automated loading and unloading
  • Quick-change tooling
  • Filtration unit with 55 to 150 liters
  • Special paint finish


Mr. Ottmar Fritsch
Mr. Ottmar Fritsch


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Supfina Lean Cost Machines (LCM)

Superfinishing Attachments

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Mr. James Lospaluto

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Range of application

Supfina’s new LeanCostMachine® offers optimal versatility for superfinishing small and medium-size runs of parts — economically and flexibly. Its modular system — equipped with state-of-the-art technology — meets the highest standards for quality and process dependability, especially for the automotive industry and its OEM suppliers as well as the hydraulics, aerospace, power generation, and medical technology industries.

The LeanCostMachine® can be equipped with preassembled modules designed to match specific machining tasks. Whether fixed in place, manually adjustable, or NC-controlled, up to six Supfina attachments for stone and tape finishing can be used at the same time as the brushing and polishing attachments.

Thanks to its unique design, all of the modules can be integrated into the machine with little effort. Not only did we account for the optimal configuration of the various Supfina attachments, all of the additional machine assemblies — switch cabinet, safety cover, attachment mount, and operating panel — can be fitted to ready-made holders or be bolted to predefined locations based on production needs.

The machine can easily be configured to match installation and workpiece-feed conditions on-site. Standardization of all of the assemblies ensures short delivery times, easy expansion, and the highest quality in terms of machine construction and products finished.

The Supfina LeanCostMachine® is affordable, versatile, and fit for the future.


Attachment mount

As many as six Supfina attachments can be fitted to the NC slide or dovetail guide, or they can be installed permanently on the machine base.

Workpiece holder

We provide exactly the right workpiece-clamping system for every machining process. The changeover is quick and cost effective.

  • Between centers
  • Three-jaw chuck
  • Collet
  • Centerless on roller

Workpiece feed

Here, too, the Supfina LeanCost¬Machine® demonstrates exceptional flexibility both in its standard configuration and after retooling.

Workpieces can be placed manually in adjustable workpiece holders. They also can be positioned automatically or by an optional infeed system from above, from the front, or from the side. Such automated integration into a production line is fast and easy.

Machine base

The machine is available as two different types. The standard version will take a maximum of three attachments, while the extended version will take up to six.

Operating panel

The LeanCostMachine® can be equipped with either a permanently attached control panel or a portable operating panel.

Switch cabinet

The switch cabinet can be placed on any one of three sides of the machine.