Fine grinding

Supfina Spiro - with proven Supfina precision

Technical specifications

Disk diameter:
720 mm

Ring width:
200 mm

Maximum pressure:
1800 daN

Workpiece diameter:
5 - 200 mm

Workpiece thickness:
0,6 - 80 mm


Mr. Achim Fehrenbacher
Mr. Achim Fehrenbacher

Product Management Precision Abrasive Finishing

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Mr. Thomas Harter
Mr. Thomas Harter

Product Management Precision Abrasive Finishing

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Mr. James Lospaluto
Mr. James Lospaluto

Sales USA

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Range of application

What’s more, such precision can perfectly meet a customer’s specific needs. Drive performance; loading options; filtration and cooling; optimal tooling: Supfina works closely with each customer to determine what solution works best for that particular machining task.


  • High drive performance
  • Maximum flexibility for many applications
  • Individually customizable for optimal machining results
  • Reduced tool wear thanks to the low-vibration machine stand and guard
  • High-precision, noncontact measurement control
  • Visual process control for consistently high precision
  • User-friendly and intuitive operation
  • Great accessibility