Flat Finishing

Supfina Face: the new rotary transfer machine generation

Technical specifications

Workpiece length
up to 200 mm

Workpiece diameter
up to 200 mm

Machining diameter
up to 150 mm

Superfinishing Units
up to 7

up to 8

Process integration
Flat finishing with cup wheels, brush deburrers, size measurement, tape finishing


Mr. Achim Fehrenbacher
Mr. Achim Fehrenbacher

Product Management Precision Abrasive Finishing

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Mr. James Lospaluto
Mr. James Lospaluto

Sales USA

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Range of application

Flat finishing: trendsetting

The Supfina Face is the next generation in rotary-transfer machines. Its unique structure allows the highest production volumes, while its flexibility maximizes cost efficiency.

Flat finishing: uniquely flexible

With its Face series, Supfina provides the ultimate solution for versatile flat finishing for medium and large workpiece volumes. It’s fast and flexible.

Parts from all of these fields — injection technology, transmissions, hydraulics, engines — can be finished with the tightest tolerances in the tenth-micron range, and with the highest reliability and efficiency.

Flat finishing: for changing requirements

Cost efficiency, flexibility, safety, and the environment: The Face series was developed with these considerations in mind.

They are not just buzzwords, but the standards by which Supfina designed this next generation in flat-finishing machines. For example, the trendsetting Face is equipped with software-supported setup processes that allow quick changes to production requirements, saving valuable time and making retooling easy and convenient.

It’s also ergonomic, with all elements arranged at an optimal work height. And since it doesn’t need a cooling system for the spindles, it cuts energy consumption — which is better for the environment.

As an optional component, Supfina offers a flexible, integrated solution for fully automated mass production. This complete solution from a single source is perfectly in tune with the Face machine’s design.


Facts - Key Features

  • Vertical spindle orientation for highest precision
  • Fast setup processes through software-supported adjustment of the machining unit
  • Bridge construction for maximum stiffness
  • Optimal accessibility for retooling and maintenance tasks
  • External loading by robots and gantry systems possible
  • Integrated loading systems available
  • Integrated fire-extinguishing system for optimal safety
  • Maximum energy efficiency by omitting cooling systems
  • Supfina IQ-Finish process control for continuously best results and high quality
  • Best possible work ergonomics
  • integrated solution for fully automated mass production available