• Supfina

    Spiro F12 Fine Grinding - for large workpieces

    Supfina Spiro F12
  • Supfina

    Spiro Fine Grinding with proven Supfina precision

    Supfina Spiro
  • Supfina

    Spiro F7 Automation Optimized automation

    Supfina Spiro F7 Automation
  • Supfina

    Spiro F5 Compact design, great performance

    Supfina Spiro F5
  • Supfina

    CenPro S Downsizing

    Supfina CenPro S
  • Supfina

    BaseFlex 1300

    Supfina BaseFlex 1300
  • Supfina

    LCM Crank - not only versatile, it’s cost-effective

    Supfina LCM Crank
  • Supfina


    Supfina MultiTool
  • Supfina

    Face The new rotary transfer machine generation

    Supfina Face
  • Supfina

    Nano Tried and tested now perfected

    Supfina Nano
  • Supfina

    Race The Next Generation

    Supfina Race
  • Supfina

    CenFlex1 The Next Generation

    Supfina CenFlex1
  • Supfina


    Supfina MultiFlex
  • Supfina

    RaceFlex 725-727

    Supfina RaceFlex 725-727
  • Supfina

    Planet V4

    Supfina Planet V4
  • Supfina

    LeanCostMachine® Versatile production machine for small runs

    Supfina LeanCostMachine®
  • Supfina


    Supfina SpeedFinish®


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    Supfina at the CIMT in Beijing

    The CIMT will be held for the 16th time in Beijing from April 15 to 20, 2019.



Future Technology Summit

June 26-27, 2019

"Will you shape the future with us?" This was the question asked by Supfina at its first Future Technology Summit.

A successful Event!>