Solutions for grinding
coated brake discs

The production of hard-coated brake discs requires an extended production chain. Supfina has developed high-performance processes for the face grinding that is now required again.

The future brake disc

Why reinventing the vehicle brake.

Coated brake discs are becoming the benchmark for reducing particulate emissions from the braking system of all motor vehicles and providing the necessary corrosion protection for electric vehicle brakes.

The Euro 7 emissions standard, which is expected to come into force in 2025, will according to current knowledge require, among other things, further reduced fine particulate emissions. This puts the focus on tire and brake abrasion.

Environmental protection
Particle filters are meanwhile available that collect and store the abrasion from brake pads and cast-iron discs directly at the brake caliper. However, this results in additional maintenance work and thus cost for the vehicle owner. And the used filters have to be disposed of. Therefore, in the best case no brake dust should be generated at all during the braking process. Brake discs fitted with a wear protection layer minimize the resulting abrasion over a generally longer service life - a double benefit for our environment!

Electric mobility
In both battery electric vehicles (BEV) and hybrids (HEV), the service brake is applied far less frequently and less forcefully due to the recuperation of the electric motor. As a result, the cast iron brake discs corrode more quickly under the influence of rain, snow and road salt. Anyone who now has to make an emergency stop will be unpleasantly surprised: combined with a very poor braking performance, the rust on the braking surface is first being removed. By the time the pad is free again and can bite on the now blank brake disc, it is usually already too late. For this reason, automotive manufacturers are focusing their attention on durable corrosion protection for the brake discs of BEVs and HEVs. Stainless steel coatings could also be used here.

The Supfina solution:
Planet BD

Double-disk grinding machine of the proven Planet series for grinding coated brake discs.

  • Double side grinding (simultaneous machining of both friction ring surfaces) for high throughput / short cycle times
  • Optional coating, grinding and automation as a complete solution
  • Maximum quality through innovative process control, optionally with in-process gaging
  • Optional automation of loading and unloading for various feeding and discharging systems
  • Significant cost reduction by optimizing the process chain coating - double surface grinding
  • Safety thanks to Supfina experience

Economical grinding
of carbide coatings

Are you already grinding your brake disc or is your brake rotor still grinding the grinding wheel?

Hard material grinding is a challenge for both grinding machine and tool. Especially when tungsten, titanium or niobium carbide has been applied by laser cladding (LMD), extreme high speed laser cladding (EHLA), high velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF) or cold gas spray technology.

The - depending on the coating process - not insignificant heat input into the workpiece can lead to distortion, which affects the final quality. A tailor suited grinding process adjusts the structure and roughness of the friction ring surface for optimum braking behaviour and restores axial run-out and thickness deviation for uniform braking behaviour.



Your subject?

Supfina offers the economical solution

In 2019, we already started to cooperate with brake disc manufacturers, automotive OEMs and solution providers of coating systems to develop economical grinding solutions for the production of coated brake discs, taking into account the entire additional process chain.

From the very beginning, it was important for us to understand the process from the powder to coating to grinding itself, in order to be able to provide the market - together with our partners - with systems that work and are as cost-effective as possible.

In the meantime, we have ground thousands of coated brake discs to quality for the process development and the provision of prototype parts. Experience that you can rely on, too.

Interested? We would be pleased to submit you an offer for sample machining or contract manufacturing.

Are you looking for the right and economical solution
for your manufacturing processes?

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