Double Disk Grinding economically

From small to large quantities, from small batches to mass production.

Double faces Grinding
Double Disk Grinding

More efficient than ever

The latest generation of the Planet machine series takes double sided grinding, also known as Double Disk Grinding, to a new level.

The extremely rigid machine bed enables grinding of steel, sintered metal, non-ferrous metal, plastics, ceramics and glass. Two powerful motors achieve stock removal of over 1mm at cycle times well below one second. In just one pass, the workpiece is machined to an average tolerance of +/- 0.003mm.

Planet BD

Solutions for grinding
coated brake discs

Double-disk grinding machine of the proven Planet series for grinding coated brake discs.

  • Double side grinding (simultaneous machining of both friction ring surfaces) for high throughput / short cycle times
  • Coating and grinding as a complete solution
  • Maximum quality through innovative process control, optionally with in-process gaging
  • Optional automation of loading and unloading for various feeding and discharging systems
  • Significant cost reduction by optimizing the process chain coating – double surface grinding
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Planet V - The Series

Detail oriented

The vertical spindle arrangement offers the user the highest resulting workpiece qualities while reducing piece costs.

Unique features include the Smart Dressing Cycle, the patented grinding gap visualization and the integrated tool change aid. This reduces downtime as tool changes and retooling operations are kept to a minimum.

Due to its space-saving design, Planet V machines can be easily integrated into new or existing production lines.

  • Smart Dressing Cycle SDC
  • Grinding Gap Visualization System
  • Patented Tilt Navigation TNS
  • In-Process Measurement
  • Smaller Footprint
  • Extremely Rigid Machine Base

Up to

40% savings

Thanks to the new SDC

The new SDC (Smart Dressing Cycle) system developed by Supfina allows up to 40% cost savings in Double Disk grinding compared to conventional systems.

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Did you know? The SDC can also be retrofitted to existing Planet V series machines. The cost of the retrofit pales in comparison to the savings that will be achieved.

Planet V4

The benchmark

With a new generation of Planet V, precision, productivity, and ease of use in Double Disk Grinding have increased once again, with a smaller footprint and reduced costs.

Workpiece data
Workpiece diameter 6 – 85 mm
Workpiece thickness 0.6 – 40 mm

Planet V7

One size bigger

Supfina offers the Planet V7 for larger requirements in Double Disk Grinding.

It includes all the advantages of the Planet V series. Two 64 kW powerful motors allow stock removal of 3mm and up with cycle times of ~37 seconds.

Workpiece data
Workpiece diameter 10 –180 mm
Workpiece thickness 1–100 mm


The Planet V machine series has innovative features such as the patented Tilt Navigation for operator-guided adjustment of the grinding gap, the integrated tool change aid and a modular dressing system for grinding wheels.

  • Up to 40% cost savings compared to conventional systems with SDC
  • Future-proof machine concept
  • Shortest tool change times due to integrated tool change aid
  • Shortest changeover times
  • Simple integration into existing and new production lines
  • Flexible automation
  • Low maintenance
  • Highest workpiece resulting qualities

Convincing advantages

  • SDC - Smart Dressing Cycle
  • Simple process
  • High stock removal rates
  • Short cycle times, long tool life
  • High workpiece quality
  • FEM-optimized machine bed made of composite material, resulting in a compact system with maximum machine rigidity
  • Patented Tilt Navigation System
  • Visualization of the grinding process
  • Ease of use new control panel which combines machine and process measurement control
  • Linear, compact dressing system
  • Highest dressing accuracy
  • Motor spindles with high power and adjustable speed
  • Both CBN and diamond grinding wheels can be used
  • Investment security due to retooling capability

Automation and interlinking

Everything from one source

We supply you with upstream and downstream processes that are perfectly tailored to your needs and the Planet V.

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Tilt Navigation

Faster changeover and reproducible results thanks to precise tilt adjustment with intuitive user guidance.

Reproducible results at any time.

Automation and Interlinking

Do you need to integrate the Planet V into your production? Or improve upstream and downstream processes?

We offer the right solutions.

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Newly developed
SDC system

The success of our new development exceeds all expectations and sets the new benchmark in the economic efficiency of Double Disk Grinding systems. Up to 40% savings.

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Case Study

In 2007 - Supfina successfully commissioned a Planet V7 double-disk grinding machine at Feinstanz AG. Today, it is still in precise and highly productive use.

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Our latest development!

Grinding of coated brake rotors.
Interested? Please contact us.

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Application examples

Do you have a special workpiece or material to machine? For many applications we already have suitable machining examples, for all others we will gladly provide sample machining. Please contact us.


Technical aspects, advantages and applications of Double Disk Grinding.

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Overview of all machines and technical data of the Planet V series.

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See the Planet V series Double Disk Grinding machines in action.

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“Increasing tolerances present us with new challenges every day. The sum of all tolerances is very demanding, especially for assemblies. But with our plant equipment and our know-how, we are very well-positioned. Supfina is a very important partner for us. Their Planet V7 double-disk grinding machine still plays a key role in our production. And with Supfina’s well-trained staff, expert advice means that we’re always in good hands.”

Edi Güntensperger, Managing Director of Feinstanz AG.

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