Can mechanical engineering
be sustainable?

Yes, and in many different ways!

We are trying to reduce our footprint already when building machines. For example, with our intelligent and foresighted building management Supfina reduces the required heating, lighting and electrical power. Moreover, we contribute to saving the resources used by our customers with long operation times and low consumption of our machines.

We are proud of our surface finishing equipment, which makes today's environmentally friendly techniques possible.

And it's not just the significant but also the many small things that contribute to sustainability and ensure a better tomorrow.

Conserve resources

As early as the 1930s, it was found that a bearing machined with Superfinishing was quieter, lasted longer, and required less force than before. This superfinishing process has been continuously developed by Supfina and is now indispensable wherever things are moving.

Thus, from the beginning, sustainability has been an integral part of Supfina.

Electromobility without Superfinishing?
Hardly conceivable.

In electric cars, many things are in motion, and low-friction component surfaces are the premise for economical energy use and, thus, the prerequisite for longer ranges.

Maximum mileage and minimum friction must be achieved on every point in a motor, gearbox, axle or bearing with a rotational movement.

Decades of research and development are the basis for meeting these requirements today with modern superfinishing technology.

The quality of the bearings has a direct impact on the mileage of the vehicle.

Lower friction = Higher efficiency.
Supfina has the solution.

A wind turbine consists of many different bearings, from small ones in the generators to huge ones for the rotation of the pulpit and the rotor shaft. Each bearing must have the lowest possible friction, high load capacity and long service life.

All three requirements are unsolvable without a perfect surface. Superfinishing from Supfina ensures these optimal surfaces on all bearing components and thus contributes to environmentally friendly energy generation through wind power worldwide.

1250sqm photovoltaic plant.
Our contribution.

Six hundred eighty-five solar modules, 1250sqm surface, 250kWp power and a CO2 saving of 100t per year are the impressive figures of the photovoltaic system on the roof of the Supfina factory building.

With an expected annual yield of 260,000kWh, it generates as much electricity as 65 households consume in a year.

This investment is another step for the planet's and the company's future.

Brakes for the environment.
Supfina has the technology.

To reduce the enormous fine dust pollution and its impact on the environment, not only new drive systems have to be developed and used, but also new brakes.

The abrasion of the brake pads on the cast-iron discs releases high levels of particles into our environment. So Supfina and its partners came in and developed a new system:

A wear protection layer is applied to the brake discs with a laser or cold spray process and then brought to an optimal surface with a Supfina double-disk grinding machine specially designed for this application. As a result, it minimizes the resulting wear and increases the service life – a double benefit for our environment!

at Supfina

Electromobility significantly reduces dependence on fossil fuels and helps reduce CO2 emissions.

In order to support this, eight e-charging points have been installed at Supfina, which employees, customers and service vehicles use. More are in the planning stage.

The electricity comes directly from the Supfina photovoltaic system, of course, if the sun is shining.

Clever building management
for our environment

Very early on, Supfina decided on an alternative heating system. Further environmental projects are the energy-saving LED hall lighting with automatic light control and the photovoltaic system. In each case, a step towards more climate neutrality at Supfina.

And the next one is already in sight: the photovoltaic system will soon be doubled in capacity.

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