Superfinishing Machines

The shape of the workpiece and the position of the surface to be finished determine the superfinishing process that is used. Possible finishing tools are superfinishing stones, superfinishing tapes, or a combination of both.

Plunge finishing

Pinions, camshafts, and crankshafts

Many of the components used in vehicle drivetrains — including gears and various shafts — are subject to extreme loads. Only an absolutely perfect surface finish can guarantee long service and minimize wear. Supfina has the right solutions to achieve that aim.

Our superfinishing machines produce components of outstanding quality. They are versatile, extremely economical machines with unsurpassed reliability.

But we won’t rest on our achievements. Our engineers constantly improve our machines and refine their functionality — and we’re not happy until your needs are met.

Supfina Solutions: Plunge finishing

Supfina Solutions: Plunge finishing

Race finishing

Antifriction ball bearings and roller bearings

Deep-groove ball bearings, angular ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, tapered roller bearings, self-aligning roller bearings: There is almost no limit to the types and sizes of bearings that are used in a wide range of industries.

When it comes to perfect surfaces, there is almost no limit to the solutions that Supfina can offer. Our superfinishing machines more than fulfill our customers’ requirements in terms of economy, versatility, reliability, and quality.

Our unceasing commitment to development work — in cooperation with the antifriction bearing industry — ensures that Supfina technology remains on the cutting edge.

Bearings reduce friction — and we reduce friction in bearings.

Supfina Solutions: Race finishing

Supfina Solutions: Race finishing

Throughfeed finishing

Quantity and quality

Time is money. That old adage applies to the road as much as it does to production. Yet time is not everything: Quality must be perfect as well.

Supfina’s throughfeed-finishing machines help to achieve high production rates with minimal work effort, thanks to reduced retooling times and long service lives for the tools.

But unparalleled quality also is a must — and Supfina delivers. By finishing antifriction bearings, piston rods, and cams to perfection, our machines keep cars and trucks moving smoothly on our roads.

And that achievement keeps our customers happy.

Supfina Solutions: Centerless machining

Supfina Solutions: Centerless machining

Spherical finishing

Fittings technology

Dams, refineries, pipelines, and chemical plants: All of these environments must control fluids and gases. Thus, they require reliable fittings, of which the ball valve is at the heart. That’s because ball-shaped surfaces are the ideal shape for accurately controlling technical processes of this kind.

They must be leak-proof, withstand tremendous loads, and have the longest possible service life. These requirements can be met only if the surface is perfect — and Supfina’s technology makes that perfection possible.

Medical technology

Replacing a hip joint is not as easy as changing a washer in a leaky tap.

From the outset, everything must fit perfectly. Of course, the surgeon’s skill is integral to ensuring that, following the operation, the patient moves freely and without pain. But also crucial is the quality of the artificial femur head and ace tabulum, both of which must be finished to an extremely high standard of accuracy.

In many cases today, the preferred material for hip replacement parts is ceramic, which requires very specialized processes and is more difficult to finish than steel. But by using Supfina’s superfinishing technology, we can achieve the high quality that is necessary for these ceramic parts.

Supfina Solutions: Spherical finishing

Supfina Solutions: Spherical finishing

Spherical finishing download

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