An Overview

At Supfina, service is key. Not only do we provide our clients with in-depth consulting, we work closely with you to develop optimum solutions for your specific surface-finishing requirements.

Pre-sales service — with application consulting and test processing — comes as natural to us as our extensive after-sales service program, which includes maintenance and upkeep as well as a vast array of spare parts and superfinishing tools.

Flexible designs mean that our machines can quickly adapt to your production needs, no matter  the workpiece or required surface parameters. That, in turn, allows you to quickly respond to your own customers’ changing requirements — giving you a distinct competitive advantage.

Ensuring Productivity

Maintenance, Spare, and Wear Parts

We offer full-service packages that are tailored to your unique needs. These include:

  • Scheduled preventive maintenance
  • Reduced downtime
  • Increased machine availability
  • Extended life spans for consumables

We provide customized superfinishing tools that are tailored to your production processes.

In Europe, spare parts are usually delivered within 24 hours. Within Germany and to neighboring countries, orders received by 1:00 p.m. are shipped by courier for same-day delivery.

In the United States, spare parts are delivered as quickly as the supply chain allows.

You Can Rely on Us

Technology and Production Support

Our team of highly qualified application technicians and our expansive machine inventory allow us to offer sample finishing of workpieces with specific requirements (materials, tolerances, tools, etc.).

Such close collaboration with our clients guarantees that we continually develop our processing technologies. We support our clients during the initial phase as well as during production:

  • Finishing workpieces with changed requirements (tolerance, cycle time, dimensions, etc.)
  • Testing new workpieces or tools

Sample Finishing

Our well-trained, experienced staff and expansive machine inventory allow us to offer all types of contract machining and sample finishing — no matter the quality and quantity requirements.

We can finish first-sample, small batches, and large lots. If preferred, clients can provide their own personnel for the initial production phase or even for the entire project.

Always Right

Rebuilds, Complete Refurbishments, or Used Machines

Working closely with our clients, we develop machine rebuilds and complete refurbishments. Depending on your preferences, we can do the work at your facility or at our technology center.

In addition to our new, state-of-the-art machines, we offer low-cost used machines that have been completely refurbished at our technology center; bear the CE mark; and are customized to the client’s requirements.

Our Know-how Becomes Your Expertise

Training and Instruction

Our training materials are targeted to specific user groups. Clients can choose their training facility, be it at their site or at our technology center.

Documentation is specific to the machine and to the clients’ workpieces, allowing clients to easily make adjustments and programming changes on their own.

With Supfina Into the Future

Supfina Quick Support – SQS

Industry 4.0: What does the term mean to you? Supfina invites you to explore the possibilities of its new digitization initiatives, which can make your production more efficient, stable, and secure.

The new Supfina Quick Support — SQS — combines these digitization initiatives to develop a completely new dimension in digital service. Whether it’s interactive online support with data glasses; fast access to important documentation; direct availability of articles and service instructions on the machine; or constant monitoring of machine status and  productivity, SQS will transport your production into the digital future.

You can find more information about SQS here.

Whenever You Need Us

Comprehensive Service at Any Time

To keep productivity losses and downtime to a minimum, we focus on achieving the quickest service response times. For example, defect notifications received by 5:00 p.m. are handled on-site the following business day.

Upon request, we can offer around-the-clock service as well as on-call service on Sundays and holidays.

Supfina Services

Supfina Services

Supfina Services
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