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The right tool for your superfinishing process determines economic efficiency and process reliability.

We will be happy to advise you.

Tools for the highest quality

Offering the best superfinishing tools means being able to prove their value.

Decades of experience, thousands of documented tests and practical experience give us an overwhelming amount of data. In a continuous process, new materials are tested on numerous trial machines and the continuity of post-machining quality is checked.

This guarantees an optimal and consistent superfinishing result.

  • Fast delivery
    In-house production and availability allow most superfinishing tools to be delivered from stock in standard or custom dimensions. This equates to quick turnaround and short delivery times.
  • Flexible order quantities
    Large delivery quantities are not always practical. High storage costs and overstock after a process change can lead to additional expenses. That is why Supfina always delivers the optimal quantity and also flexibly on call.
  • Wide selection from a single source
    At Supfina, you get an extensive selection of superfinishing tools: all from a single source. Our independent consultations include not only the choice of superfinishing tool, but all factors affecting production.
  • Perpetual quality control
    Our ongoing quality control department ensures the optimal tool selection for your production. Because of this, Supfina provides tested solutions that can be used the day you receive it. Running cost-intensive trials on your own becomes unnecessary.
  • Technology and production support
    Whether it’s during the start-up phase or production, we support you in the machining of workpieces with modified requirements in terms of tolerance, cycle time, dimension and in the testing of new workpieces or tools.
  • Sample machining
    Our trained and experienced staff and extensive machinery allow us to offer you any type of contract and sample machining.

Delivery program

All Supfina tools are consistent, bringing you consistently high quality and particularly long tool life.

With less downtime, less scrap, and no need to adjust machining parameters, this increases economic efficiency and ­safety in your machining process.

Grit size
There is no mathematical procedure for selecting the right grit size. What counts here is our decades of experience and countless tests that have been carried out at Supfina. The type of cutting materials that are used is decided by the process.

Selection of the bond
The bond for the stone and tape is selected to match the workpiece material. Good self-sharpening and perfect ­cutting abilities are deciding factors.

The hardness of the bond is specially matched to the workpiece. It can influence the quality of the process, the tool life and the cutting performance.

  • Superfinishing Tape
    · Aluminum oxides, silicon carbide or diamond
    · Standard or Custom sizes
  • Superfinishing Stones
    · Aluminum oxides, silicon carbide, diamond or CBN
    · Standard or Custom sizes
    · profiled to the workpiece geometry
  • Superfinishing sleeves and cup wheels
    - Aluminum oxides, silicon carbide, diamond or CBN
    - profiled for concave or convex machining
  • Superfinishing polishing tools
  • Superfinishing brushes
  • Superfinishing rinse fluids
  • Superfinishing rinse fluid filters
  • Tooling and technology consulting

Supfina Service

Superfinishing tools available now

Short delivery times are guaranteed by keeping all standard materials in stock at our company.

Thus, we have a large selection of tools available, even of ceramic-bonded superfinishing stones in custom dimensions.

Precisely shaped superfinishing stones are supplied for machining roller bearing raceways. The two- and three-dimensional stone shape results only from the workpiece geometry and the superfinishing process. Different tape widths are available to help you achieve a consistent high quality finish.

  • Fast and hassle-free ordering
    In-house production and extensive quantities promises expedient shipping of most superfinishing tools. This means quick delivery times and instant processing.
  • Special tools for special requirements
    New tooling abilities are constantly being developed in cooperation with tool and die makers.
  • Personal expert advice on-site
    Tested and immediately applicable solutions end the need for your own time-consuming testing.
  • Easy accessibility
    Call us weekdays from 7:00am-6:00pm, or e-mail us anytime.

Our Consulting

We will be happy to advise you on all matters relating to our tools.

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