Supfina Invests in Vast Improvements to Metrology Lab

New Measuring Instruments Highlight Supfina’s Commitment to Precision

Supfina Machine Company, Inc., ( a manufacturing business solutions provider and machine tool builder, have added new measuring equipment to improve their process engineering.

The new equipment includes a Zygo NewView 9000, a Taylor Hobson PGI NOVUS, and a Mahr MMQ 400. These measuring devices allow Supfina’s process engineering staff to ensure their customers precision workpieces fit within any stringent requirements.

“Given the tolerances that we and our customers work in, it’s imperative that we have these instruments to ensure our machines are doing what we expect them to do,” said Joe O’Hearn, Process Engineering Manager at Supfina. “These new tools allow us to obtain the most accurate measurements available, demonstrating to our clients the level of precision our machines can achieve.”

The measurements that can be obtained on these new instruments include: surface roughness, flatness, roundness and form. This is critical knowledge for Supfina’s customer base, where the tolerances can be in the micron range.

“As we have tens of thousands of workpieces from dozens of customers per year, we needed metrology equipment to keep up with our output,” said O’Hearn. “With these instruments, we have the best possible devices to measure surface roughness and form.”

The new lab devices gives Supfina’s process engineers the ability to measure surface roughness using profile or areal methods, conduct these measurements significantly faster (due to improved controls and software), and evaluate the data to the most current ISO, ASME, and JIS standards. All of this culminates in a better experience and more reliable data for customers.

See more about Supfina’s comprehensive systems online at, and check out their LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

About Zygo NewView™ 9000

The NewView™ 9000 3D optical surface profiler provides powerful versatility in non-contact optical surface profiling. With the system, it is easy and fast to measure a wide range of surface types, including smooth, rough, flat, sloped, and stepped. All measurements are nondestructive, fast, and require no sample preparation.

About Taylor Hobson PGI NOVUS

The PGI NOVUS is the most advanced system for surface finish, contour, 3D and diameter measurement, delivering unique benefits for both design and production. This instrument is designed with class leading 10 mm gauge range with 0.2nm resolution with the capability to measure surface finish (roughness, form, waviness) diameter, and included angle.

About Mahr MarForm MMQ400

The MarForm MMQ400 is a flexible, fully automated solution for form and position measurements and much more. The use of extremely smooth axes and the MarWin platform software ensure that other applications, such as roughness, straightness, and contour measurements can be completed. The flexibility and versatility provide a highly cost-effective measuring system which pays for itself in the shortest amount of time.

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