Economic & high-quality hand tools

If high-quality hand tools are to be manufactured in large quantities, the final grinding process often determines not only the quality of the end product, but also the cost-effectiveness of production.

Different entry qualities of the forging blanks, their exact recording and the consequent target/actual comparison of the grinding result turn the finishing process into a complex task. Coupled with the frequently large individual requirements on the functional surface of the workpieces in terms of geometry, surface and symmetry, this complexity can only be accomplished by many manufacturers in time-consuming and cost-intensive manual processes.

This is where Supfina starts with an innovative and fully automated grinding process for the machining of hand tools. A modular construction system ensures strong individualization possibilities as well as a long-term flexibility in case of product changes. Intelligent automation not only promotes cost-effectiveness through the shortest possible cycle times, but also guarantees maximum process reliability. For example, the raw part geometry of each workpiece is precisely recorded before the final machining in order to detect and specifically compensate for any differences in allowances and hardness distortion. This high-precision laser scanning system enables both the optical measurement of the input quality and a precise target/actual comparison and churns out consistently high output quality. Even a rejection of faulty blanks, e.g. with crack formation, can be carried out completely automatically.

Modular manufacturing cell for flexible machining tasks

This robot-guided precision machining has been made possible by the R-Cell, which is the debut of a trend-setting, innovative manufacturing concept by solution provider Supfina. Thanks to an individual modular system, the R-Cell can be adapted precisely to the user's needs and machining challenges. In addition, the flexible design allows easy expandability to integrate further machining processes. An IoT connection enables intelligent networking with a wide range of other production steps and real-time monitoring of machine performance. Maintenance costs can be optimized, tool wear reduced and the cost-effectiveness and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) increased.

In addition to hand tools, the focus is not only on other workpieces and industries, but also on the wide range of workstations that can be used. For example, other solutions such as quality and processing analysis can be integrated via modern optical systems in addition to pure surface processing in order to further automate production.

In close cooperation with customers and users, Supfina's experts are developing complete solutions which meet the latest requirements for automation, cost-effectiveness and support. The modularity of the R-Cell not only offers a wide range of design and customization options, but also an enormous variety of functions thanks to additional options. Digitization packages with IoT options increase machine availability and optimize maintenance, digital and personal service ensure improved Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and cleaning processes, and NIO/SPC rejections provide extended functionality. The Supfina R-Cell can be individually and flexibly adapted to the needs of a wide range of tasks and process chains.

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