100 Years of Flexibility

The ability to respond to market changes — especially when those changes directly impact our customers — has defined Supfina from the start. In fact, we can proudly trace this flexibility back to our very roots, to the two companies from which Supfina emerged: Grieshaber Drehteile and Bergische Werkzeugfabrik .

In 1903, brothers Albin and Bruno Grieshaber founded a crafts business in Germany’s Black Forest. From this small company came Grieshaber Drehteile.


The Birth of the Supfina Brand Name

The Hentzen family had owned the "Bergische Werkzeugfabrik" in Remscheid sind 1910. This is where, over the years, production developed from spiral and tapping drills over gear hobs to machine design and specifically, the Superfinishing technology. In 1951, the Remscheid company changed its name to "Supfina – Wieck und Hentzen" – derived from "Superfinishing". Thus the "Supfina" Brand Name was Born.

At the same time, Grieshaber Drehteile in the Black Forest was producing turning machines and transmissions. In the 1960s, as the demand for superfinished surfaces increased, the Grieshaber family recognized the market opportunities and, like Supfina, began to focus on building Superfinishing machines.

The creation of Supfina Grieshaber GmbH & Co. KG

In 1972, they realized that collaboration would benefit both companies. In fact, so well did they work together that in 1995 they finally merged to become Supfina Grieshaber GmbH & Co. KG. The combined company now maintains a presence in all important superfinishing markets: the United States (since 1984), through Supfina Machine Company, Inc., its production and distribution facility in North Kingstown, R.I.; and China (since 2001), through Supfina China, its representative in Beijing.

With this global presence, Supfina is positioned as the world's largest supplier of machines and attachments for superfinishing, as well as machines for precision abrasive finishing. But despite our size, we haven’t forgotten our roots. Supfina continues to maintain a flexible, open corporate culture so that we’re always prepared to not just meet our customers’ needs and expectations — but to exceed them.