Supfina MultiTool - compact and universal

Technical specifications

Center width:
50 – 500 mm

Spindle speed:
100 – 375 RPM
Optional: 750 RPM

Oscillation frequency:
max. 350 double strokes/min (Standard)
Optional: max. 800 double strokes/min

Superfinishing attachments:
max. 15


Mr. Ottmar Fritsch
Mr. Ottmar Fritsch


Supfina Lean Systems

Supfina Lean Cost Machines (LCM)

Superfinishing Attachments

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Mr. James Lospaluto

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Range of application

The MultiTool is designed to superfinish small shafts up to 700 mm long (between centers), especially camshafts, gear shafts, balancing shafts, and even eccentric shafts.

Depending on the customer’s requirements, high volumes of workpieces can be finished using the shortest cycle times. The MultiTool is also designed for the flexible production of similar workpieces. Tooling can be either tape or stone.

Whatever your superfinishing requirement, the Supfina MultiTool provides a compact solution.


Ergonomics - User Friendly

  • Low construction and movable service positions guarantee easy reach of all important components

  • Wide operator doors at the front and rear - as well as movable tools - optimize accessibility

  • All valves and electrical equipment are assembled outside of the machine work area and thus are easily accessible.

Economy - Your Advantage

  • 300-meter tape rolls and individual, adjustable tape feed ensure highest tool efficiency.

  • Integrated tape-removal system prevents production stoppage.

  • Supfina quick-change system speeds changes of finishing shoes and stone holders.

  • Parallel loading/unloading (manual or automatic) allows short cycle times.

  • Integrated workpiece-shuttle system economically connects several finishing stations.

Other advantages:

  • Compact, self-contained machine
  • Simple pneumatic/electric ¬construction for low acquisition and operation costs
  • Newly developed, compact ¬superfinishing units for simultaneous finishing of adjacent surfaces
  • Two-step processes for varying workpiece specifications with only one clamping
  • Use of finishing stone and/or tape
  • Use of “soft” or “hard” shoes
  • Possibility to select individual ¬attachments or arms for rework
  • Easy and economical adaptation to new workpieces

Special processes:

  • Lead-free finishing of sealing surfaces

  • Removal of chatter marks and waviness

  • Removal of ferrite caps on cast-iron workpieces

  • Deburring of oil holes

Examples of applications:

  • Mains

  • Cams

  • Eccenters

  • Pins

  • Flanges

  • Radii