Machining of toothed racks, threaded ball spindles, shafts and rollers

Technical specifications

Workpiece length:
max. 1000 mm

Workpiece diameter:
max. 100 mm

Ball spindle diameter:
max. 35 mm


Mr. Ottmar Fritsch
Mr. Ottmar Fritsch


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Mr. James Lospaluto

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Range of application

Supfina’s MultiFlex series machines are modular constructions. The simple implementation of various processes using the same base machine, e.g. tape superfinishing, stone finishing, ball spindle finishing and brushing make them universally applicable. In this way, all processes needed to finish state-of-the-art steering racks can be run using the same machine concept, with short cycle times and a high degree of flexibility.



Thanks to its flexibility, the Supfina MultiFlex is suitable for a wide range of superfinishing operations for:

  • steering racks and toothed racks
  • ball screw spindles
  • rotary-symmetrical shafts and rollers.

Modular design

Due to the modular design, a wide range of different processes can be integrated in the same basic machine:

  • threaded ball spindle finishing
  • Y flats finishing
  • superfinishing of the tooth backs
  • superfinishing piston surfaces
  • brush descaling and deburring
  • journal and cam finishing with tape and / or stones