Machining planet wheels for automatic transmissions

Technical specifications

Workpiece length:
150 mm

Workpiece diameter:
100 mm

Machining diameter:
50 mm

Superfinishing attachments:

Spindle speed rpm:


Mr. Achim Fehrenbacher
Mr. Achim Fehrenbacher

Product Management Precision Abrasive Finishing

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Mr. James Lospaluto
Mr. James Lospaluto

Sales USA

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Range of application

The Supfina Nano machine series with a new machine design covers a wide range of flat finish processing needs.

Components from the fields of injection technology, transmission components, hydraulic or engine parts can be produced with the tightest tolerances in the tenth micrometer range and with highest reliability and efficiency.

Ease of use and very low space requirement at low investment costs are the convincing advantages.

The Supfina Nano has been designed for flat finishing of sealing surfaces of injection components such as holding elements, nozzles or valve plates. Planetary gears are examples of the kinds of gear components that can be processed with this tool.

The Supfina Nano is suitable for everything from small batch production (e.g. the creation of prototypes) to series production in flexible production lines, covering the entire range of applications and always offering optimal reliability and efficiency.

Depending on the intended use, it is possible to integrate a number of different clamping systems into a single machine. Optimal accessibility allows tools to be changed quickly, minimizing changeover time but still ensuring optimal ­production tolerances.


Automatic adjustment of the cup wheel center line