Horizontal machining of crankshafts and camshafts

Technical specifications

Max. workpiece length:
500 mm

Max. workpiece diameter swing:
200 mm

Max. stroke of pin bearing, top dead center to bottom dead center:
100 mm


Mr. James Lospaluto
Mr. James Lospaluto

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Range of application

The Nearly every automobile manufacturer is in the processof downsizing its passenger cars’ engines. Small displacement engines are lighter and have reduced friction loss, thus making them more fuel efficient and able to meet more stringent emission limits. 

To achieve this technically, tomorrow’s crankshaft bearings will need to have smaller diameters and lengths, and will often need to be harder — resulting in higher stresses and strains due to increased pressures. Thus, the surfaces of the main and pin bearings will require more precise microgeometry. 

Rising to this manufacturing challenge, Supfina has created a new machine line: the Supfina CenPro S. It combines high workpiece quality with short cycle times, not to mention a smaller footprint and lower operating costs.


Facts - Important characteristics

  • Highly stiff frame construction with lighter weight and simplified accessibility

  • 300 m tape rolls with a service life of up to 37,500 workpieces

  • Disposal of used finishing tape without machine stop

  • Exclusive use of components from well-known suppliers

  • Narrow finishing units that can machine main and pin bearings with pitches of 35 mm only

  • Proven Supfina systems featuring hard, diamondcoated shoes for high removal rates and optimized microgeometry

  • Faster setup times that optimize user-friendliness and machine availability

  • Seamless integration of workpiece dependent tooling from/into existing CenPro or CenFlex 1 / CenFlex 2 machines