It's not only versatile, it's cost-effective – designed for crankshafts

Technical specifications

Floor space required in mm:
2684x1788 including coolant filtration trolley

Paint finish:
black/gray with red stripe

Electric power supply:
400 volts / 50 Hz with neutral lead

Compressed air supply:
4,5 – 6,0 bar

Workpiece length:
max. 500 mm 

Workpiece diameter swing:
max. 160 mm

Stroke of the connecting rod bearing, upper to lower:
max. 80 mm

Maximum bearing dimensions of the main and connecting rod bearing:
max. ∅ 60 mm, maximum width dependent on the diameter and hardness of the bearing

Minimum groove width:
min. 14 mm

Superfinishing tools:
Tape; for other workpieces also stone, cup wheel, deburring, and polishing wheel

Number of superfinishing attachments:
Maximum 4 crankshaft devices or maximum 2 to 4 standard devices


Mr. Ottmar Fritsch
Mr. Ottmar Fritsch


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Mr. James Lospaluto

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Range of application

The Supfina LCM Crank was developed to complement the high-production CenPro and the CenFlex series crankshaft finishing machine and can be quickly changed over to accommodate a variety of workpieces.

It’s also the perfect machine for those who want to superfinish critical crankshaft surfaces (for example, main, connecting rod, thrust bearings, and oil seal) in small to medium volumes.


That’s because the LCM Crank can be conveniently equipped with the right finishing modules for each machining task.

Up to six Supfina attachments (either permanently mounted, manually adjustable, or numerically controlled) can be used simultaneously, including stone- and tape-finishing units as well as deburring and polishing devices.

Equipped with the latest machine technology, the LCM Crank’s modular system meets the quality and process reliability needs demanded by the automotive industry and its suppliers.

In addition to “simple” shaft geometries such as transmission, balancer, cam, and eccentric shafts, a crankshaft’s main and connecting rod bearings can also be easily machined. Just about any material — from soft iron to hardened steel — can be finished.

LCM Crank series machines can be loaded and unloaded manually, by gantry loader, or by robot — thus guaranteeing cost-effective part handling for single-unit or small-run production.