Superfinishing Attachments

Depending on the number of workpieces to be finished and on their geometric dimensions, superfinishing attachments can be used on conventional grinding or turning machines.

The machines are operated manually. Optional programmable control units are available.

Superfinishing attachments can also be integrated into CNC finishing machines, allowing them to control an attachment’s individual functions as well as the finishing parameters.

Advantages of Supfina attachments:

  • Tape finishing machines:
    Changeover from tape to stone finishing possible; dry finishing possible. 
  • Pneumatic finishing machines:
    Robust, low-cost, all-around machines; small space requirements. 
  • Mechanical finishing machines:
    Impressively smooth-running properties; parameter stability even at variable loads. 
  • Spherical finishing machines:
    High-precision finishing of flat and spherical surfaces.


Mr. Ottmar Fritsch
Mr. Ottmar Fritsch


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