Glass production

Over the centuries, glass has become increasingly important in our lives — and the trend is likely to continue. Special-purpose glass, for example, not only allows new design possibilities for buildings but also more environmentally friendly heating and cooling systems.

The solar energy industry is driving new applications for glass, as is the automotive industry, in which state-of-the-art glass is allowing new car designs.

Although the basic principles of glass production have remained unchanged for years, today’s processes present a new array of challenges. The new shapes must be made faster, better, and less expensively — all daunting requirements. But Supfina has the proven technology to meet these challenges.

Printing, paper and film rollers

It’s not just glass that requires a perfectly smooth surface. Printers, paper manufacturers, and film producers all depend on high-precision rollers. The final product’s quality is directly linked to a roller’s surface quality, which includes both the roller’s exact shape and its surface smoothness.

When it comes to the economical production and maintenance of these rollers, turn to Supfina’s superior technology.

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Mr. Ottmar Fritsch


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