LeanCostMachines will be introduced in cases where inexpensive production solutions are needed on short-notice. This is possible because the LeanCostMachines are built using a modular, thus very flexible, machine concept as well as through the means of relevant series production.

LeanCostMachines are perfect for those cases in which inexpensive production solutions are needed on short notice. That’s because LeanCostMachines are built using a modular — thus, very flexible — machine concept, which allows stone, tape, and cup wheel finishing, as well as brushing. 

The machines’ coolant system can be outfitted to use an emulsion-based coolant or a finishing oil-based coolant, in either flood or mist configurations. 

The machines are also well-suited to run as a Supfina Dryfinish® system, with both horizontal and vertical configurations available.

Examples for LeanCostMachines can be found on the following pages:


Mr. Ottmar Fritsch
Mr. Ottmar Fritsch


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