Fine-Grinding Machines Process Several Thousand Parts per Hour


Supfina has expanded its line of fine-grinding machines to include the Spiro F5 and the Spiro F12, both of which make their North American debut at IMTS 2018. Along with the Spiro F7, the three machines provide customized solutions for the "batch mode" processing of a wide range of parts.

From aluminum to steel, or any other material, the Spiro series can achieve highly precise plane parallelism (≤ 1.0 µm) for precision bearings, pump gears, and valve plates -- to name but a few of the part types that can be processed. And because parts can be machined up to 20 times faster than lapping and with more precision than double-disk grinding, costs per unit are reduced substantially. Depending on the part's material, dimensions, starting surface finish, and removal requirements, a single Spiro can fine-grind several thousand parts per hour.

For plane-parallel fine grinding on both sides, parts are loosely placed in carriers that have teeth on the outside diameter. An inner pin ring rotates the carriers as they shift on a stationary outer pin ring in an orbiting manner. Machining takes place between two rotating grinding wheels (lower and upper). The optimal machining force is applied by the upper wheel.




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