Superfinishing Technology

What is superfinishing? The perfect finish.

Tape and stone superfinishing
Superfinishing is the process of removing from a workpiece the fragmented and smeared metal particles (chips) that remain from previous machining operations. Unlike traditional lathe turning and grinding methods, superfinishing entails full surface contact between the tool and the workpiece.

By combining workpiece rotation with tool oscillation, each individual grain of the abrasive (tape, stone, or cup wheel) travels along a sinusoidal line. Contact between the workpiece and the oscillating abrasive thus creates a characteristic cross-hatch pattern of grooves and plateaus on the workpiece. The grooves act as channels to aid in uniform distribution of lubricant, while the plateaus guarantee a high percentage of contact area. 

Another benefit of superfinishing is workpiece-geometry improvement. Because the abrasive contacts the part over an area, high regions are cut more aggressively than are low regions of the part surface. Depending upon the superfinishing application, this means better flatness, better cylindricity, and more precise curvature.

Superfinishing applications


Machinable materials
The superfinishing process is suitable for any material that can be machined with geometrically undefined cutting edges. This includes steel in all of its many alloys, but also ceramic, plastic, monocrystalline silicon, cast iron, and non-ferrous metals.

What’s more, any workpiece with a coating — from tungsten carbide to chromium to copper — can also be processed by our machines to achieve the desired surface finish.

  • Machining of various materials using superfinishing technology
  • The right machining process for each specific workpiece
  • The right superfinishing system for each requirement

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